Our journal follows the definition of affiliation as the place where the study was done


  Each author has an affiliation. The affiliation includes the department, faculty, university, or organization and its location, including city, state/province (if applicable), postal area code number, and country.

Author affiliations will be listed in the published article in the same order that authors are listed in the submission.

>  In affiliation footnote, the symbol written in the author’s name should be the same as mentioned in the author byline. The symbol should be similar to the symbol used in author byline but it will be at the beginning of the affiliation. Like author byline, it will be superscript. The footnote symbol should appear in numerical order at first mention.

>  An author should not mention multiple affiliations. The author has no option to include the present address in addition to the address of his/her affiliation at the time of the study.

Do not use any abbreviation (e.g. Dept.).

>  If the study was done by more than one institute, then there must have MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). It should be reported in the Title page of the manuscript. If necessary, Editor-In-Chief may request the corresponding author to submit it.