In vitro antimutagenic activity of Ipomoea staphylina

Keywords: Antimutagenic, Ipomoea staphylina
DOI: 10.3329/bjp.v15i1.43446


The study of antimutagenic activity gives information which discovers the possibilities for combating the genotoxic risk of mutagens. Genotoxicity includes DNA damage, gene mutation, chromosomal aberration, and formation of micronucleus (Swift, Golsteyn, 2014). Genotoxicity commonly occurs with anti-cancer drugs which causes a high level of DNA damage that activates cell cycle checkpoints leading to cell cycle arrest or cell death (Helleday et al., 2008). Several studies on medicinal plants have revealed antimutagenic and antigenotoxic properties mainly due to antioxidants that scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) (Zani et al., 1993; González-Avila et al., 2003; Park et al., 2004).


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