> The name of each author on the title page should be written in the following order:
  • First name (or initials, if used)
  • Middle name (or initials, if used)
  • Last name (surname, family name)

> If the author's name has first name and surname, then write it accordingly

If the author name’s has a single name, then there is a limitation of our software. To solve that problem, we have to add a period in the first name.

Do not include a title such as Professor, Dr., PhD, etc. Do not mention the position within an institution (e.g. Head of the Department, Department Chair, etc.).

> Who will be the first author, it will be decided by your team.

  >  In the case of multiple authors, the last name is also decided by your team.

The name of the author will be published exactly as it appears in the accepted manuscript. Please double-check the author’s name carefully to make sure it is correct.

  For example, you write the names of multiple authors in the manuscript during submission. However, during the review process, it is reported to you that authorship may not apply to someone. Find out a good way to solve that problem.

> Numbers should be in superscripts such as a, b, c, etc. Other symbols such as numerical order (1, 2, 3, etc), *, &, ¶ should be avoided. It will be at the end of the name. No author should not write more than one symbol.

> You can write the word “First two authors contributed equally” if applicable.

  > The word “and” should be written before the name of the last author.

> The following person(s) will be authors:

  • concept, research question, and study design
  • data collection or processing

Each author should take responsibility for a specific part of the research work

  > Any person only involved in writing the manuscript or analyzing the data will not be the author or corresponding author, particularly in the Research Article. In the case of thesis work, the authors will be limited to the student, supervisor, and co-supervisor (only three). The author name of other(s) may be included in the acknowledement.

The recent trend is to write many authors’ names during submission of the manuscript in comparison to the bulk of research works (authorship abuse).

  > No author name will be added after the manuscript is accepted. Instead, you can delete the author's name.

> A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that 21% are inappropriate authorship (Gift authorship or Ghost authorship)  




Arisha Taj Mahaboob Batcha, Ashish Wadhwani, Gowri Subramaniam


Arisha Taj Mahaboob Batcha, Ashish Wadhwani and Gowri Subramaniam