Corresponding author

Corresponding Author

  The corresponding author is the one to whom all the correspondences (queries, revisions, etc) are sent by the Journal site.  The corresponding author should be the co-author who is willing to do all the communication with the journal office before publication.

The first author or last author may be a corresponding author. The corresponding author can be at any order. It also depends on the relative contribution to the study. It also made by negotiation.

  > The name of the corresponding author should be written separately on the Title page of the manuscript.

> The corresponding author should not be more than one.

> There is no need to mark the corresponding author with an asterisk (*) mark among the list of authors.

> The corresponding author will confirm that all the authors have read the manuscript before submission.

The corresponding author for the editorial process and the Principal Contact after publication may be the same person or different.

The corresponding author will submit the scan copy of all authors with signatures mentioning all of them have read the manuscript.

Provide one email (not more). It will never be changed during the submission of the manuscript. If necessary, there should be an acceptable explanation.

No reviewer’s name is suggested by the corresponding author

Please mention the manuscript ID and title of your submitted manuscript after submission when you need to correspond with us by email. No telephone to the Editor-In-Chief is acceptable except in exceptional case.


  > The name of the Principal contact will be published at the bottom of the last page of the pdf file.