Evaluation of Journal

Evaluation of Journal?

  Evaluation of a scholarly journal is needed before selecting to submit your manuscript. You can evaluate the Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology based on advantages and disadvantages.


  > Open access journal (each article in both pdf and HTML format)

> Peer-reviewed journal

> Web of Science impact factor (2 years): 1.306 (2019)

> Online submission and tracking of your manuscript

> Article available online immediately after acceptance

> Each article has a cover page with DOI and matrices

> Copyright to authors (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

> No fee for manuscript submission, article processing, or publication


  > Only online version. No hard copy

>  Requires video clip of methodology (one method in detail) in case of Research Article. Skill in preparing video clip with subtitle is required

> Both internal review (by the editorial board member) and external peer review

> Annual acceptance rate is less than 8% (eight percent)

> About 110 days are required from submission to publication

>  You have to submit ORCID ID with 5 years of information, fill-up the Conflict of Interest form during acceptance of the manuscript

> Plagiarism check of each article by a software “Plagiarism Detector”

>  Each article is checked before publication to identify grammatical mistake using the free software Grammarly.com 

> Article may be retracted if needed

> Need knowledge and skill about the online submission of a manuscript (email submission is not allowed)

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology receives more submissions than it can publish (less than 8 out of 100). It is unfortunate to say that when we accept one paper that means another good paper must be rejected.