Keywords are the words and phrases that the author enters into the search engines (Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc), also called "search queries" to find what articles the readers are looking for.

Once you have written a manuscript for submission to Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology, you need to pick some keywords. These will help the readers to find out your article from the journal database. Along with your title and abstract of the article, these keywords will impact how many readers find, read, and cite your article. It is, therefore, vital.

How to select keywords?

  Use the important words of your title and also from the manuscript to guide keyword selection. It will help to consider what target readers are likely to search for in a journals database.

>  Avoid duplicating any terminology

Use “key phrases” of two or three words, since single-word terms can be too ambiguous. For example, searching for a key phrase like “Arsenical keratosis” instead of “keratosis” would only find articles of specific interest for readers.

Once you have selected some keywords, enter them into a relevant journal database. If they bring up articles on topics similar to your own, then you have selected good keywords. If not, then change your keywords.

Our journal’s guidelines

  > Three to ten keywords representing the main content of the article

> Keywords must be arranged alphabetically

> Capitalize each word

> Keywords must be written horizontally instead of vertically

Each keyword must be separated from others by using a semicolon instead of a coma


Title Number Example
Larvicidal, leishmanicidal, insecticidal and anthelmintic effects of Sterculia diversifolia stem bark and leaf 3 to 10 Anthelmintic; Insecticidal; Larvicidal; Leishmanicidal; Sterculia diversifolia