Manuscript after completion of Review

Manuscript after completion of Review

The Editor-In-Chief makes the final decision based on the reviewers' comments. The decision may be any one of the followings:

a) Accept for Publication, with or without any minor editorial revision

b) Inform the corresponding author to Revise the Manuscript to address the specific concerns before a final decision is reached. Submission of the revised manuscript does not ensure the acceptance

c) Reject, but inform the corresponding author that further write-up might justify a Resubmission

d) Decline Submission, typically on grounds of specialist interest, lack of novelty, insufficient conceptual advance, or major technical and/or interpretational problems


Editor, editorial board members, authors, and reviewers keep confidential all details of the editorial and peer review process on submitted manuscripts. Even the identity of the reviewer is not disclosed to the corresponding author. In addition, the reviewer maintains the confidentiality of the manuscript.