Respond to Review's Comment

Respond to Review's Comment

You must be careful when you are requested to send the revised manuscript. The following may be helpful:

  >  Use a concise and measured tone. Avoid any argument.

>  Answer all questions raised by reviewers.

>  Response in a systematic way using clear headings.

>  Where appropriate, use references to peer-reviewed publications to correct any factual inaccuracies.

>  Do not question the credentials of the reviewers or dismiss their opinions.

>  Avoid any argument that the strengths of other aspects of the manuscript outweigh some of the weaknesses identified by the reviewers. 

>  Take time to consider your disappointment before reading the reviewers’ comments carefully. 

>  Accept the reviewers’ comments as a measure to improve your revised manuscript.

Major Reasons for Manuscript Rejection

  >  Not in the area of priority

>  Findings are not original

>  Inadequate preparation of the manuscript

>  Poor writing and organization

>  Plagiarism

>  Flaws in study design