Problem in Submission of Manuscript

Problem in Submission of Manuscript

Online submission is an easy process. However, it is rarely a problem for a new user. If any corresponding author faces a problem submitting the manuscript to the Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology then the corresponding author should check the following: 

  Just go to your profile section after registration to the journal website. It is present in the upper right corner of the screen

This section contains Identity, Contact, Roles, Public, Password, Notifications, and API Key

> You have to go to the Roles section. There are three roles:

☐ Reader

☐ Author

☐ Reviewer

The screenshot below shows that you have clicked as a Reader (set as default)


It is not a complicated one if you know.

  > For submission of your manuscript, please give tick mark as
🗹 Author (that means, you activate it) 

> Now leave the page by clicking the save button.

Now you can submit your manuscript for the first time step by step. It is not necessary to change this set up next time.