Visual Experiment

Visual Experiment

You can publish your scientific experimental method or protocol in video form. It is for the young researcher to learn the methodology. It must be a detailed one.

>    The maximum duration of video will be 30 min.

>    It will be prepared by your smartphone or a professional one. Take the video by the smartphone when you hold it in a horizontal position instead of a vertical position. It is better to use a smartphone/camera stand.

>    Name of the software on the screen will not be acceptable.

>    There will be no background music.

>    There will be subtitles at the bottom of the video screen so that one can understand easily.

>    The camera should be focused on the objects instead of the researcher.

>    Send two copies of video clips. One with subtitle and another one without subtitle.

>    It will be peer-reviewed before to make it online.

>    The text of the Visual Experiment contains abstract, introduction, protocol/procedure, chemicals, and prepared solutions with strength, Equipment, cautions, discussion, and references.