Why Publish in this Journal?

Why Publish in Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology?

  Are you interested in submitting your manuscript (written paper pre-publication) to the Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology? We recommend you review our manuscript writing, online submission, policies, review, and publish sections. You are also requested to read the Table of Contents of some issues of our journal. 

We have some areas of priority. [Some of the non-priority areas are, for example, antihypertensive drugs, anti-HIV agents, molecular docking without the data of wet lab, nanotechnology, polyherbal product]. If your title of the manuscript is related to our articles (written paper that has been published), then consider it written or rewrite according to our journal rules and finally submit it online. This will reduce your time, labor, and mental stress.

In the case of the Research Article, watch a few video clips previously published in our journal to understand the format. It is mandatory to submit when the Editor-In-Chief requests the corresponding author. 

Before submitting your manuscript, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of selecting this journal. Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology is the right choice for authors who want to make their research available and discoverable for all.