Video Component

Video Components

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology has already published more than 150 video clips of methodology online since 2015. These are available in the abstract page of the Articles. Link of the some video clips are presented here.



Hemaglutination test (Full Text) Disc Diffusion Method (Full Text)
Renal Vasculature by Angiography (Full Text) Cupric reduction antioxidant capacity (Full Test)

Cell apoptosis analysis by flow cytometer: 6 min 20 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Cell migration and invasion assay: 2 min 41 sec    Click to watch  Full Text

Cell proliferation assay: 2 min 45 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Cell viability assay: 5 min 14 sec   Click to watch   Full Text  

Cell viability assay: 2 min 22 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Circular excision wound model: 2 min   Click to watch   Full Text

Clonogenic assay: 4 min 21 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Clotting time: 1 min 8 sec  Click to watch   Full Text

CLSI microdilution broth method: 3 min 46 sec   Click to watch  Full Text

Cytotoxicity assay: 18 min 45 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Detection of cytosolic tRNA in mammal by Northern blot analysis:   16 min 55 sec   Click to watch   

Determination of flavonoids content:  2 min 50 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Disc diffusion test: 6 min 41 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Drug administration in mice and observation of blood glucose level: 2 min 11 sec   Click to watch 

Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay procedure of aflatoxins: 5 min 23 sec   Click to watch 

Estimation of vitamin B12 in plasma by HPLC: 4 min 29 sec   Click to watch   

Experimental induction of seizures: 10 min 4 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Experiment using aorta: 2 min 35 sec  Click to watch   Full Text

Expression evaluation of gene: 4 min 43 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Extraction of compounds from seeds: 3 min 45 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Ferric reducing antioxidant power assay: 21 min 18 sec   Click to watch    

Glucose uptake by yeast cells: 4 min 51 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Handling of mice: 2 min 30 sec   Click to watch   

Histopathological analysis of mouse colitis: 13 min 14 sec   Click to watch   

Hyaluronidase assay:   3 min  30 sec  Click to watch   Full Text

Hypotensive activity in anesthetized rats: 7 min 25 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Inducing diabetes in mice and observing blood glucose level: 1 min 47 sec   Click to watch   

Induction of diabetes: 1 min 50 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Induction of diabetes: 1 min 39 sec   Click to watch   Full Text 

Isolation of mouse internal organs: 7 min 55 sec   Click to watch    

LC-MS analysis of Orthosiphon stamineus extract: 7 min 33 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Metal chelating activity: 2 min 56 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Method for diuretic activity: 1 min 37 sec    Click to watch   Full text

MIC determination: 10 min 32 sec   Click to watch   

Mitochondrial membrane potential analysis in COLO-205 cells:   3 min 17 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Mouse model of atopic dermatitis: 8 min   Click to watch   

MTT assay: 6 min 27 sec  Click to watch   

MTT assay to evaluate the cytotoxicity of a drug: 3 min 56 sec  Click to watch   

Programmed cell death assay by dual staining: 17 min 25 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Prothrombin time: 2 min 43 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Psoriasis-like skin: 9 min 10 sec   Click to watch   

Purification of bacteriocins using size-exclusion chromatography:  Click to watch     

Production and extraction of bioactive compounds: 5 min 43 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Scanning Electron Microscopic analysis of coated slides:   4 min 18 sec   Click to watch 

Synthesis of hydroxyxanthones: 7 min 2 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Tail suspension test: 5 min 57 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Tail suspension test for antidepressant activity: 4 min 06 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Tail suspension test to evaluate the antidepressant drug: 7 min 31 sec  Click to watch   

TEM instrumentation and image analysis: 4 min 37 sec   Click to watch     

Viability assay and proinflammatory activation of cells:  4 min 8 sec   Click to watch   Full Text

Western blot assay: 3 min 37 sec  Click to watch   Full Text